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Studienkolleg in Germany

Studienkolleg in Germany is an educational institution for students who do not qualify to pursue their Undergraduate studies in Germany. It helps to bridge the gap between the learning process in their home country and the learning process in Germany....

Courses in a Studienkolleg

Studienkolleg in Germany offers 5 types of courses, which are T, M, W, G and S Course. Most of the International students opt for T,M,W courses and most Public and Private Studienkolleg in Germany offer these courses mainly. Since, the G and S course mainly focuses on the German language, Literature and History most International Students prefer taking one of the other courses...

What is a Blocked Account?

Blocked account in Germany is mainly for non-European students who wish to do their bachelors or masters or language course in Germany. Since, you must prove that you are financially stable to pursue your studies in Germany. There are three types of bank account in Germany, ...


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